DTD stands for Duct Tape Dummy.

A duct tape dummy allows us to obtain all your body measurements accurately (measurements done in centimeters). For all our fullbody fursuits, we require our customers to provide us with a duct tape dummy so we can store it and later start working on your suit.

Also, while it is known as duct tape in countries outside Japan, it is called “nuno tape” here. For both locals and foreigners sake, we will keep it as DTD.

【Head Production Materials and Tutorial】

Necessary Items: 
• Wrapping Paper/Plastic Paper bag 
• Duct Tape (Please do not use regular tape) 
• Marker 
• Scissors 
※Please make sure not to attempt to make this by yourself. Please have at least another person to assist you in making the DTD. 


Start rolling out the wrapping paper as seen above. Make sure to make a hole in the nose and mouth in order to breathe. 

Start wrapping around the neck as seen above, lastly make a crisscross (front and back, then the sides). 

Mark the positions of the mouth, eyes, and nose. 

Lastly, start marking a stitch pattern on the back of the head. Please be careful not to damage the skin and hair when you’re cutting it. We will use the markings as a guide for when we tape it all together. 


And you’re done! Congratulations!


【Body Production Materials and Tutorial】

The necessary materials are the same as the duct tape head.
We recommend that you use clothes that are tight fit on the body as much as possible when making your duct tape body. Compression garment or full-body tights are highly suitable.


Try to keep your body's posture by spreading your arms at shoulder height as well as spreading your legs slightly.
Keeping the arms at shoulder height is very difficult, so it's a good idea to use something to help keep them at that height.
Even if you are tired, please do not lower your arms like the photo shown on the right.


Shape the plastic wraps to look like a raincoat.
First and foremost, tape the waist around as shown in the photo.



If the hole in the neck is getting too big, you can supplement the fine parts with some plastic wrap.

As shown in the photo, attach some tape tightly to the delicate/fine areas.
Make sure you tape it without it becoming too tight, a little loose in this area is fine.

 Next, we will move to the arms.
Put the plastic bags/wrap over in such that the entire arm is covered. Fix it in place with the tape first because the joint portions on the shoulder are easy to remove.


  Once the shoulder joint portions are fixed in place, continue wrapping the entire arms with tape.


Finally, we move on to the lower body. Here we will also cover the whole lower portion with plastic wraps or bags.
Please pay close attention to the portion of the groin. Although it tends to be ambiguous because it is a delicate area, if it is too loose, the crotch area will fall and the overall size will change.


 Continue to connect the legs with tape as well as the crotch area.


 Once you tape up the ankles, you are done with this portion.
Next draw cut lines. Draw a cut line straight from the neck to the belly. Also, make sure to draw a black circle/dot in your butt so that you can mark position of the tail.



Please draw a line as shown in the photo on the sides.


Please mark which is the front of the body before cutting.

Make sure to cut it through the lines.

You can take off some parts while cutting to relieve some stress.


You have finished! All the parts should be connected without being separated. Please send it in that state without dividing it.

Please send the completed DTD head and body. Additionally, please send 4 kinds of hand shapes [on paper] and croc type sandals to K-LINE.