K-LINE was created in 2014 and released its first collection the following year. From the beginning, K-LINE's production style has been based on the idea of "rediscovering individuality" through the appearance of animals. The non-human figure has surprised and impressed people all over the world as a way to pursue a relationship between people and animals that enriches communication by breaking the boundaries of race, gender, and body shape. The kemonosuit, which is created by confronting the ever-advancing technology and a wide variety of materials, will be an option for next-generation fashion that plays a different role from existing clothes. EIZIN and Rady will propose a way of individuality in the modern age through their creations based on their rich imagination.

EIZIN /エイジン

Born in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Graduated from Tama Art University, Department of Graphic Design, and entered the graduate school of Tama Art University, Department of Illustration. After dropping out of the master's course in 2009, he began his own creative activities and in 2010 he encountered kemonosuit. While working on both two-dimensional and three-dimensional creations, he discovered the depth of the relationship between expression and people in kemono-suits, and established K-LINE with Rady in 2014. His photography skills, which he began to learn in earnest the same year, are highly regarded as works that express a new way of looking at stuffed animals. He owns his own character "Alba" and brings smiles to the world everyday.

Rady  /ラディ

Born in Shonan, Kanagawa Prefecture and raised in Obihiro, Hokkaido. From a young age, she was exposed to the mascot costume culture of other countries, and taught herself to make kemonosuit. He has been making costumes for Halloween since he was in his early teens, and the reason he chose animals as his motif is because of his dog, who was a close friend of his. In 2013, she redesigned the original Rufen. In 2013, she redesigned the original Rufen, wearing the adorable cobalt blue character. She is constantly evolving her character as if she were shedding her skin under the theme of a reborn self.