Terms of Use for K-LINE products


These terms and conditions apply to all K-LINE products purchased by customers.
The purpose of these terms and conditions is to obtain your consent to use the K-LINE creations in various media after the sale of the Kemonosuit, and to prevent any accidents or damages caused by the unexpected handling of the characters by the users, as well as any damage to the image of K-LINE caused by these effects. Please read the following details carefully. Please read the following details carefully and consider purchasing only if you agree to them.


The following terms are used in this agreement.
The term "User" refers to the person who purchases, manages, and manipulates the Kemonosuit created based on K-LINE's character design.
The term "character" refers to the character design and the kemonosuit.
The term "character" refers to both the character design and the kemonosuit, with "design" referring to the character design alone and "kemonosuit" referring to the stuffed fursuit. 

2.Establishment of User's Agreement

By purchasing a Kemonosuit, you are deemed to have understood and agreed to all of the terms and conditions of this agreement.

3. Modification of the Terms

If K-LINE deems it necessary, the Terms of Use may be amended within the scope of the purpose of the Service. In such a case, K-LINE will notify you of the contents of the revised Terms and the effective date of the revised Terms by displaying them on the Service or the Website, or by notifying you in a manner determined by K-LINE. The revised Terms of Use shall be effective from the time the Terms are updated. Please note that typographical errors and omissions may be changed without notice.

4. Scope of Profitable Character Usage

The creation and sale of merchandise to the extent that it is distributed at commissions, coterie magazine production, and other sales events is permitted within the scope of personal activities. However, any activity that is based on the premise of commercial use, as well as any profit-making activity that requires a final tax return (*1), is also within the scope of commercial use, and K-LINE does not recognize such activities as being beyond the scope of personal activities. Please contact K-LINE if you are unable to make such a determination on your own.
 *1: If the use is outside of Japan, the amount of income minus expenses must be less than the equivalent of 200,000 yen.

5. Purchase of characters including character copyrights (complete transfer)

5.1 You may purchase a character design, a kemono suit, and the copyrights associated with the character for commercial purposes only.
5.2 Any unauthorized commercial use of the characters will result in the forfeiture of all proceeds earned and immediate revocation of your right to use the characters.
5.3 If you wish to use a character for commercial purposes or purchase a character, please inquire to that effect by clicking on "2, Questions about character purchase" in the Contact Us section. We will respond flexibly after hearing your intended use.
5.4 We will not be able to purchase without a specific explanation of the reason for the purchase and supporting documentation.

6. Prohibited Usage without Exception

6.1 Use as a character related to criminal acts, religion, or antisocial expressions is prohibited.
6.2 Usage for the purpose of acts or purposes offensive to public order and morals, self-mutilation, or expressions that defame third parties is prohibited (*1)
6.3 It is not permitted to use a character that is falsely claimed to be the work of the User.
6.4 You may not register any character design or trademark.
6.5 You may not change the name, pattern, color, silhouette, or otherwise alter the design of the Character (*2).
6.6 You may not wear different materials, costumes, or character combinations (*2).
6.7 It is forbidden to do anything that seriously damages the impression of the characters.
6.8 It is forbidden to perform any act that violates the above prohibitions outside of the locker room (*3).
6.9 For all requests (commissions) to create 3D models, figures, plush toys, or costumes using character designs, it is mandatory to contact K-LINE with the requested items and client information, and production requests to these companies or corporations are not allowed (*4).
6.10 Resale (including auctions) or transfer of the KEMONO SUIT is prohibited (*5).
6.11 You may not use your character to solicit sponsorship or work.
6.12 You may not use your character to act as a Vtuber.
6.13 Derivation of another character from the original character or continuous operation of similar characters is prohibited (*6).
6.14 Requests (commissions) to third parties to produce alternative parts for the Kemono Suit using the character's design are prohibited (*7).
*1 Actions that are offensive to public order and morals, especially adult-oriented expressions, are not allowed, not only in the action itself, but also in expressions that are not artistic in nature. Artistic expression here means that the name of the work and the photographer are clearly indicated, regardless of whether it is a video or still image. However, this does not apply to two-dimensional illustrations.
*2 As a concrete example, wearing rubber suits, pet suits, or exchanging parts between characters that are not in the correct combination of characters, or that do not have the parts that should be attached, is prohibited. However, this does not apply to partial suits or other costumes worn over the character.
*3 Even if you are not using the character, please refrain from purchasing the suit if you are engaged in criminal, religious, or anti-social activities, or if you are posting adult content in public (SNS, etc.).
*4 If you have to give up your Kemonosuit due to unavoidable circumstances, please be sure to let K-LINE know the reason. In this case, we will re-register the transferee owner or return the Kemono Suit. Please note that this does not apply to rentals, as long as it is only a temporary loan to a third party during the event.
[Important note]
As of this agreement (revised on November 1), the continuous use of altered original character designs in the production of any illustration, video, or goods (commissions) is prohibited. However, this exemption will only apply to gifts such as fan art, or to one scene in a manga, anime, or other animated film, or to temporary use that is not continuous in nature. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding temporary use. 


7. Creation of 3D avatar models for the purpose of role-playing in VRchat, Second Life, etc. using the design.

K-LINE's characters are designed to be expressed as kemonosuits and are not intended to be used as 3D avatars in VR. However, in light of the current situation, we permit character activities in VR, provided that the following terms and conditions are adhered to so that you can enjoy role-playing in these VR spaces.

If you would like to request the production of a 3D avatar model using K-LINE characters, please use the dedicated form on CONTACT to notify us what you are requesting to be produced and who the client will be. You do not have to provide any materials, but it would be helpful if you attach them if you have them available.
7.1 You may create your own 3D avatar or request an individual creator to create a 3D avatar for you, provided that you comply with the terms of "4, 5, 6, and 7".
7.2 However, all avatars in this case will be unofficial K-LINE avatars, and please note that K-LINE will not be held responsible for any problems that may arise from the creation of 3D models or online role-playing.
7.3 In the event that K-LINE enters the 3D model production or VR industry in the future, any and all services provided by K-LINE will also not be available to unofficial avatars.
7.4 K-LINE reserves the right to demand that you stop using models that K-LINE deems do not meet a certain level of quality required by K-LINE.
7.5 Please be sure to use K-LINE's Character Design Sheet when requesting a third party to create an avatar model.
7.6 The copyright of the design belongs to K-LINE. Please be sure to add the text "Designed by K-LINE" when presenting your avatar.

8. compliance with the terms and resolution of problems

1. please comply with the above terms and conditions, and if any violation is found, please correct it immediately. 2.
2. if you see a violation, contact K-LINE immediately with evidence of the violation. 3. if you have any objections, please contact the parties concerned.
3. if there is a dispute, both parties shall cooperate to resolve the dispute through negotiation only between the parties concerned, and shall not take the issue outside the company. 4.
(4) K-LINE shall be entitled to claim compensation for any and all damages incurred by K-LINE for the purpose of resolving the dispute, with proof of such claim.

In the event of any discrepancy between these Terms of Use and other languages due to translation, the Japanese version of these Terms of Use shall apply.

Last updated: November 1, 2022