Contact Us

We receive a lot of questions every day, but please understand that we do not reply to questions that can be solved by FAQ and other questions that do not need to be answered.
1. requests from companies, individuals, and groups for work under special circumstances (including production, interviews, and appearances)
If you are a company, please specify your company name, title, and name, and tell us about your specific request. If you have any materials, please use the image attachment box.
2. questions about character purchase 
If you have any questions that are not answered in the FAQ, we will answer them here. However, we will not be able to answer questions about the future, production techniques or processes. 3.
3. Requests from K-Line users for repairs or remakes
Please be sure to include the name of the character(s) and the real name of the owner(s), as well as a picture of the damaged area and a detailed description of how you would like it repaired. 4.
4. Contact us if you would like to use K-LINE's content (design, photos, videos)
We will provide K-LINE's contents to those who introduce K-LINE through blogs, SNS, etc. only if you inform us in advance. Please let us know the purpose of use in detail. 5.
5. reporting copyright infringement of K-LINE contents by third parties
We do not waive the copyrights of all K-LINE characters, and you may report any character that intentionally imitates or closely resembles a K-LINE character. You can report any character that intentionally imitates or closely resembles a K-LINE character, and K-LINE will contact you to find out the truth about the reported character.