About Application

This section provides information about the sale of K-LINE's kemono suits. We will be selling them to those who are willing to cooperate with us in realizing the characters we create, and to those who are willing to accept and work with us.



There is a review for purchasing characters.
If you agree to all the terms, including the purchasing terms, please fill out the necessary information from the following application form.
Starting May 2022, due to the rising cost of materials, we will be charging an additional fee based on the customer's body size. The cost will be up to 20% of the product cost and will be quoted at the time of screening.

Purchasing terms and conditions:


  • Be over 18 years old

  • The commissioner is the same as the one making the deposit, government issued identification card (Passport, driving licence, etc.).

  • You must be able to pay by credit card.

  • You must be able to produce DTDs and ship them to Japan.

  • Agreement to the terms and conditions of use

Click here for the terms and conditions of use.

Order Guide 

1. We will set up a time to check and review all other applicants that applied for characters from the first day of application. We will then contact the email address you filled in the form within 3 days after the deadline with the application results.
※For those who wish to apply for multiple characters, please make an application with the intention to purchase all of them. 
2.For successful applicants, please inform us of future arrangements and submit the payment for the character and your ID within 5 days. Once these have been submitted, the order will be officially completed.
※In order to confirm the intention of purchase, please send the payment and submit your ID information within 5 days. Please refrain from doing cancellations after passing the review as this will be a nuisance to other customers.
3. We will arrange meetings by e-mail. For materials and other specifications that will be used, we will send it to your address before starting production.
4.  Production will start after confirming prior arrangements and the arrival of your DTD.

Payment Process 

You will be asked to pay by credit card.

Payment can be made directly from the invoice sent from Paypal to your email address. You do not need to have a Paypal account. Please note that we do not accept any other payment methods.
You can choose to pay the full amount in one payment or in two installments.
If you wish to pay in a lump sum, we will send you an invoice from Paypal with the total amount after the estimate.
If you wish to pay in two installments, we will ask you to pay 50% of the estimated cost as a deposit when you receive the order, and the remaining 50% after completion.
As an exception, if the total amount quoted, including options, exceeds $10,000, it may be paid in three installments. In this case, the amount to be divided will be equally divided.
※Please note that you will be responsible for the 4% Paypal payment fee.
※We are not able to estimate the cost of customs duties in your country when importing your work.


Successful applications need to submit a copy of their identification.
If you are outside of Japan, a copy of your passport is enough to prove your identification.
Other items you may use are driver licenses, but we encourage you to submit a copy of your passport as much as possible.

Notes on the application process

Please fill out the application form correctly.


If you are already active online, it is better to include your social network account name to make the screening process smoother.


Please note that if there is any false information on the registration after the order is completed, the order will be cancelled and the deposit will not be converted.


Actual production time is estimated roughly about 5 months. Please understand that the start of production will be delayed as the timing of the order is set later. In some cases, you may have to wait a year or more.
Working with the customer, as well as setting up meetings, measuring our work, adjusting and confirming specifications can take time. Additionally, please understand that cancellations and changes after an order is complete cannot be made due to these being order-based productions.
Please also check our frequently asked questions.


About delivery date

- As of May 1, 2024: 14+ months