Frequently Asked Questions


About Application

No, we do not.

If the silhouette of the character in the fursuit cannot be maintained, it may affect the screening process. However, we do not have a clear size standard, as we adjust the balance between the character and the purchaser's body shape, whether it is large or small.

No. In this case, the wearer must apply for the product.

No, you may not.

No, you cannot. We provide the design and the whole body as a character.

Installments can only be paid in installments up to the number of times specified for each character. If payment is to be made in two installments, then the timing of payment will be once before production and once after completion.

We need your ID to verify that the information you provide on the application form is correct. This is an important piece of credit information for our screening process.

This is to prevent financial problems associated with lending or borrowing money to a third party.

Designs are image illustrations and not blueprints. The actual size of the character will vary depending on the client, so we will optimize the silhouette, color balance, and length of hair for each order to the extent that it does not deviate greatly from the original design. We will answer any questions regarding the design as needed, and we will check the actual faux fur material used with the client before starting the actual production.


Yes, we can ship internationally to countries where EMS is available. We do not accept any other shipping methods.

K-LINE cannot calculate the customs fees in advance, but we will take care of it when shipping to avoid higher fees.

Yes, it is possible. However, in the case of delivery within Japan, Japanese consumption tax will be added to the full price of the product and 10% of the shipping cost. Please note that we do not guarantee any problems with your package as a result of using an intermediary.


There is no warranty on the suit itself, but we will provide free support for initial defects and size readjustment within one month of receiving the finished product. However, if the suit is obviously damaged due to human error, you will be charged for the cost of repair even within this period.

There is no problem if you are able to repair the damaged part by yourself. However, please consult with us if you have any concerns about the use of adhesives or other special materials that may be used.

Yes, it is possible. We will give you a separate estimate for these.

Yes, it is possible. We will give you a separate estimate for these.